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Locally owned and operated, Clinton Ice, LLC boasts cutting edge technology in our new state of the art ice manufacturing and distribution facility.  Add that to the more than 240 years combined experience our employees have in the ice industry and you are assured to have nothing but a positive experience working with us.  Owners, Tim and Kathleen Davis, are involved in all aspects of the company and are dedicated to providing the best quality product and service to their customers.

Our Drivers &
Delivery Team

Paul, Adam, Seth, Carmen,

Max, Charlie


The faces you know, delivering quality product and friendly service!

Our Service &
Engineering Department

John, Joe, Rodney, Tom, Chandler


You may not see their faces as much because these guys are usually behind the scenes, but these guys keep everything running smoothly! 

Our Owners &
Office Staff

Tim, Kathleen, Jake,

Falisha, Diana

We are here to personally answer your phone calls to answer any questions you may have.

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